'The Fracking Miracle'


WASHINGTON DC — The Institute for Energy Research, in a joint venture with The Heritage Foundation, released today a video telling the story of economic freedom, energy abundance, and job creation that are happening in North Dakota’s oil-rich Bakken shale formation. “A Fracking Miracle” provides first-person narratives of lives transformed, record employment, and economies bolstered by sensible state regulation, private land ownership, and safe drilling technologies.

“North Dakota is one of the nation’s most remarkable success stories — where free markets and American entrepreneurship are working together to create an economic miracle. The rising tide of robust energy development made possible by sensible regulation and private land ownership is truly lifting all boats — from farmers who were facing bankruptcy to unemployed machinists who are back catching up on their bills,” IER President Thomas Pyle noted.

“From all across the country, people are moving to North Dakota to find work and get a new start on life. Yet Washington is trying to limit hydraulic fracturing and stop the economic boom in North Dakota and other energy-rich parts of the country. From the Environmental Protection Agency to the Department of Interior, regulators are working overtime to close the pages on these success stories. ‘The Fracking Miracle’ explains why these regulators must be stopped to secure America’s private sector job creation, economic prosperity, and energy future.”

To view “The Fracking Miracle,” click below.

To read The Heritage Foundation’s Foundry Blog on the video’s production, click here.

To read the facts about North Dakota’s energy boom, click here and here.

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  1. Myron Samples says:
    Myron Samples says:

    Go North Dakota, show everyone what can take place when the Government (Obama) is not involved in the operations.

    • Vito says:

      Dewatering activity for the last seeravl years in the immediate vicinity of the Oklahoma earthquake swarm. It’s useful to graphically visualize the relationship between the fault system and large producing wellfields adjacent to the quake area. While dewatering and drilling may not *cause* these earthquakes, they could be additive to other types of cumulative and short-term stressor types loading the fault system.An excellent example of geothermal and large storage reservoir project development and their potential contribution to localized seismic instability may be found in Iceland, for instance.

  2. Lone Puma says:
    Lone Puma says:

    Dear sir,

    From a few years back, I remember Ohio, by itself, has more oil then all the combined oil the U.S. is importing. Now the concern for protecting the environment, there is nothing to protect once the oil is being extracted? It’s quiet and the animals have yet to complain, look at the Alaskan pipeline, they congregate to keep warm in winter. It’s unfortunate that the tree-huggers are driving up the price of oil when it shouldn’t be more then $1.00 a gallon or much less! But if the truth were to be known, it’s nothing but greed, there is no such thing as a shortage of oil, as God did not create the world to run out of anything before He returns, please bear that in mind.

    P.S. The oil pump-jacks are anything but unsightly!

  3. Jay Van Alstyne says:
    Jay Van Alstyne says:

    Yes. All there is to fracking is cracking a rock.

    To actually crack the rock you drill into it and pump a highly pressurized liquid into the ground. If that liquid was water or something, I’d be fine with it. Drill away. Better than buying all of our oil from the middle east.

    But it’s not. The liquid is a mixture of chemicals. And get this, that’s all anybody actually knows. The companies refuse to tell anybody, including the government, what it is they are actually pumping into the ground and what will eventually end up in our drinking water. Mine at least. I acually live out here in the states with more cows than people, but if you live in some big city on the coast, I guess you really don’t care as long as you get cheap gas. No offense, but that’s basically how the world works.

  4. Jay Van Alstyne says:
    Jay Van Alstyne says:

    And of course, my comment is “awaiting moderation.”

    20 bucks it won’t pass.