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EPA's Disastrous Power Plan in One Minute

Boiling down the EPA’s so-called “Clean Power Plan” into a 1 minute video is no small task, but our friends at the Independence Institute did just that.

As they explain, the plan could shut down affordable, reliable power plants in favor of more expensive energy resources. While the EPA claims that CPP will increase public health and expand the economy, recent studies indicate otherwise. A study commissioned by the National Black Chamber of Commerce found that EPA’s climate...Continue Reading...
O'Malley Pledges to Power Country on Unicorns and Pixie Dust
In an op-ed for the Des Moines Register , presidential candidate Martin O’Malley claims that his “administration would call for 100 percent of our energy to come from renewable sources by 2050.” The former Governor of Maryland and long-shot Democratic hopeful stated “as president, I would use my executive power on day one to declare the transition to a clean energy future the number one priority of our federal government.” O’Malley’s statement amounts to an empty campaign...Continue Reading...
What Does It Cost to Fix Something That Isn't Broken?
The Obama administration is pursuing an aggressive plan of closing existing power plants and providing large subsidies of wind and solar electricity generation. Because of the administration’s regulations, 90 gigawatts (GW) of coal-generated power are projected to close. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) tells us that power bills will go down as a result of its regulations, but a new report by the Institute for Energy Research shows why electricity rates will only skyrocket under...Continue Reading...
AEA Issues Statement on MATS Ruling
Press Releases
SCOTUS Slaps EPA for Ignoring the Costs of its Reckless Agenda WASHINGTON -- American Energy Alliance President Thomas Pyle issued the following statement on the Supreme Court's Mercury and Air Toxics Standard (MATS) ruling:
"Today’s Supreme Court decision is an important step toward reining in the Environmental Protection Agency. For too long EPA has ignored the costs of its regulations, which have become so large that they not only harm the economy, but also the health and welfare of...
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BLM Considers Raising Royalty Rates
Fed Potential 600 AEA
ICYMI: Half Measures Make Ethanol Mandate Worse
This week, AEA President Tom Pyle penned an op-ed in Roll Call explaining why a corn-only repeal of the broken Renewable Fuel Standard may actually hurt American  families more than the status quo. Pyle lambasts lawmakers' attempts to re-work an unworkable law, and shows why full repeal is the only way to fix the RFS. Below is the text of the op-ed:
In an effort to show Congress “can work again,” some lawmakers are attempting to make an unworkable law even worse. Recently, several...
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Wind Lobby Blows Smoke on PTC Elimination Act
The American Wind Energy Association (AWEA) sent a letter to Congress on June 18 in opposition to the PTC Elimination Act , a bill that would phase out and eventually end a subsidy that has funneled billions of taxpayer dollars into the wind industry over the last two decades. While AWEA claims that the PTC creates competition and benefits the economy, the subsidy stifles innovation and amounts to nothing more than corporate welfare for a mature industry. Below we correct the record on...Continue Reading...
Study: Ohio Energy Mandate Will Cost State Billions
A majority of states have Renewable Portfolio Standards (RPS)—energy mandates that require utilities to produce or purchase a certain amount of electricity from renewable sources, such as wind and solar. These costly regulations have detrimental impacts on employment, income, and investment, leading policymakers in several states to take steps to either freeze or eliminate their renewable mandates. Ohio’s RPS, passed in 2008, requires utility companies to source at least 12.5 percent...Continue Reading...
Ex-Im Bank Won't Solve Nuclear Industry's Problems
Energy Development
Congress has until the end of June to decide whether to reauthorize the Export-Import Bank, the official credit export agency of the U.S. government. While the bank’s stated mission “is to ensure that U.S. companies—large and small—have access to the financing they need to turn export opportunities into sales,” Ex-Im has gained a reputation for favoring large, politically connected firms to the detriment of small businesses, the free market, and American families. Ex-Im’s...Continue Reading...
Opinion: Fossil Fuel Divestment: Flight From Reality
Divestment Truth
Institute for Energy Research Founder and CEO Robert Bradley, Jr. penned an op-ed on this past week explaining why the struggling divestment movement is a solution looking for a problem. The text of the piece is below:

Fossil Fuel Divestment: Flight From Reality

By Robert Bradley, Jr. June 15, 2015

“The effect of [divestment] decisions on the consumption of fossil fuels will be nil; the effect on the growth of institutions’ endowments will be negative.” - George...
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