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Fracking’s Overlooked Local Benefits

The economy-wide, macro-scale benefits of hydraulic fracturing have been well-documented and are indeed palpable in our everyday experiences in the form of noticeably more affordable energy. With the influx of shale oil on the market, for example, we’re seeing lower gasoline prices this summer than we have in over a decade. The national average is […]

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Cuomo Forecloses on New York’s Economic Future

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo announced Wednesday that his administration will uphold its moratorium on hydraulic fracturing. The decision ends years of stalling and speculation as to whether the governor would allow New Yorkers to enjoy the benefits of affordable energy. By banning hydraulic fracturing, Cuomo is squandering an opportunity for New York to join […]

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In the Pipeline: 5/7/13

The only thing I see when I look at this dude’s “aura” is a black hole where your taxpayer dollars go to die. Bloomberg (5/6/13) reports: “Whatever you think of Gore, one thing is indisputable: leveraging his aura as a technology seer and his political and climate work connections, Gore has remade himself into a wealthy businessman, […]

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