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Washington Post Calls for Higher Gasoline Prices

  • 09/15/08
  • AEA
  • Can't Make This Up
Most people think that falling gasoline prices are a good thing, but not the Washington Post. The Post actually argues that higher gasoline prices are a good thing for America. This is not a joke. They write:
If oil prices keep going down, what will happen to all the progress the United States has just made toward energy independence? Higher gas prices caused U.S. motorists to drive 12.2 billion fewer miles in June compared with a year earlier, according to the Transportation Department. This...

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New Mexico - Making Ends Meet

  • 07/28/08
  • AEA
  • Multimedia

New Mexico AEA Launches Radio Ad

  • 07/24/08
  • AEA
  • News
AUDIO: “As gas prices spiral out of control and food costs continue to grow, making ends meet gets tougher everyday for New Mexico families.  While we try to do more with less, politicians in Washington, like Congressman Tom Udall have done nothing to bring prices down.  The U.S. is sitting on top of vast untapped oil reserves – estimated at about 2 trillion barrels – enough oil to last us for 300 years.” FACT: Estimates Put US Domestic Oil Reserves As High As 2.3 Trillion...
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American Energy Alliance (AEA) Unveils New Ads in Colorado and New Mexico

  • 07/20/08
  • AEA
  • News
Washington, DC – The American Energy Alliance (AEA), a recently formed not-for-profit 501(c)(4) organization that advocates for free-market energy and environmental policies, today unveiled its first advertisements as part of what will become an ongoing American energy advocacy effort.  The spots will run in Colorado and New Mexico.  AEA president Thomas Pyle issued the following statement: “Americans are feeling the effects of skyrocketing energy prices, and those are due in part to...
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