Thanks to Big Wind the hidden cost of wind energy may get even MORE expensive.

Wind Production Tax Credit

In 2013, Congress renewed the Wind Production Tax Credit (PTC) which will cost taxpayers more than any other subsidy Wind PTC in the past 10 years. Congress said this subsidy would be temporary, back in 1993. After more than 20 years of this failed subsidy, it’s time to #EndtheEnergyGiveaway and take the training wheels off Big Wind.


AEA Enlists New House Leaders to End Wind Welfare

WASHINGTON – American Energy Alliance President Thomas Pyle sent a letter today to House Leadership congratulating the newly elected Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy and Majority Whip Steve Scalise. The letter also urges them to remain opposed to an extension of the recently expired Wind Production Tax Credit (PTC). AEA also ran a full page ad in today’s edition of Politico as part of a broader paid initiative that includes digital and social media.

Excerpts from the letter:

The PTC expired as of January 1, 2014. However, green pressure groups and the wind lobby are working to revive this costly policy as part of a tax extenders package and also have it be retroactively reinstated. We urge you to oppose such an action.

We agree with Majority Leader McCarthy that subsidies for wind have “had their time”. Majority Whip Scalise, you have similarly condemned the PTC. In late 2012, you joined with 44 fellow Representatives in a letter stating, “Twenty years of subsidizing wind is more than enough.” This decades old subsidy has far outlived its usefulness. The wind industry should be left to compete in the free market based on its own merits, not rely on taxpayer dollars. We ask that you stand by your previous positions and remain in opposition to an extension of this wasteful subsidy.

The effect of providing a subsidy worth half or more of the wholesale price of electricity has already negatively impacted electricity reliability, because the artificial price structure created by the PTC encourages the development of uneconomic wind while undermining the economics of reliable full-time generation such as coal, natural gas, and nuclear. Investor Warren Buffett made this fact very clear when her recently said, “…On wind energy, we get a tax credit if we build a lot of wind farms. That’s the only reason to build them. They don’t make sense without the tax credit.”

To read the full letter, click here.

Rahall is Not Doing Enough

“President Obama’s war on coal is really a war on West Virginia families and Nick Rahall simply has not done enough to protect West Virginia from Washington’s anti-coal regulations.” -AEA President Thomas Pyle
WASHINGTON – The American Energy Alliance continued today its energy accountability initiative with another round of television and online ads in West Virginia. These ads come on the heels of the EPA’s recently proposed rules for existing power plants—one of the costliest regulations in history. The ads hold Congressman Nick Rahall accountable for shielding this and several other of President Obama’s anti-coal regulations from facing an up or down vote in Congress. The total ad buy is for $140,000 and the ads will air for three weeks.
Thomas Pyle, president of the American Energy Alliance, released the following statement:

“When coal takes a hit, so do West Virginia families, and the EPA’s anti-coal policies are having very real and devastating impacts on the state, including higher energy costs and lost jobs. But instead of protecting West Virginians from these threats, Congressman Rahall voted to shield the Obama Administration’s radical anti-coal agenda from the scrutiny of Congress. Rahall’s vote against reining in EPA’s regulatory power and his support for budgets that advance the carbon tax agenda prove that when push comes to shove, Nick Rahall stands with President Obama instead of standing up to him.

“President Obama’s war on coal is really a war on West Virginia families and Nick Rahall simply has not done enough to protect West Virginia from Washington’s anti-coal regulations.”

To view the ad, click here.

To read the fact sheet for the ad, click here.


Where Does Senator Udall Stand?

WASHINGTON – The American Energy Alliance continued its energy policy accountability efforts today with a television ad urging Senator Mark Udall to reverse his stance against the Keystone XL pipeline. Sen. Udall has now voted against the construction of the pipeline multiple times. The ad buy is for $405,450 and will run until May 23rd in Denver and Colorado Springs. AEA President Thomas Pyle released the following statement:

“Senator Udall’s refusal to support Keystone XL is far outside the mainstream. The approval of this commonsense infrastructure project is five years overdue, delaying thousands of jobs and straining our relationship with Canada, America’s strongest energy ally. Coloradans recognize this, which is why two-thirds of them support the pipeline. Despite this overwhelming support from his constituents, Senator Udall remains beholden to a narrow band of special interests in opposition to this commonsense, job-creating, shovel ready project.

“Will Senator Udall continue to stand with special interests that promote an anti-energy agenda, or will he support policies that better the lives of Coloradans and the American people by supporting the Keystone pipeline?”

To watch the ad, click here.

To read the fact sheet for the ad, click here.

Wind Energy Gets Away With Murder

According to an estimate published in the Wildlife Society Bulletin in March, almost 600,000 birds are killed by wind farms in America each year, including over 80,000 raptors such as hawks, falcons and eagles. Even more bats die as their lungs are inverted by the negative pressures generated behind the 170 mile-per-hour spinning.

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